Whats on

Hot air balloon mass launch

Watch as dozens of hot air balloons in all shapes and sizes ascend into the summer air filling the skies with a blaze of colour.

Paramotor display team

Paramotors are something straight out of a bond film. With a paragliding canopy and petrol fan strapped to their backs watch these unique flying machines perform amazing stunts and formations.

Acrobatic spectacular

This unique aerial acrobatic show performed from a crane 35 meters above the arena is the first show of its type to be seen in the UK. The performance designed especially for The Great Balloon Race will be truly spectacular and a sight to behold.

Balloon Glow*

The balloons will return after their flight to light up the evening skyline. Using their burners to create patterns, choreographed to music. This is one you will need your camera ready for.

Ibiza Classics Night Glow
and Fireworks Display

Our huge fireworks display marks the end of our evening. As we glitter the night sky with a pyrotechnic display unlike any other. All set to music, a fantastic way to end an evening at The Great Balloon Race.

Be welcomed on site by our Swing Jazz band and meet our roaming street performers who will be walking through our socially distanced plots throughout the evening.

All of our food services will be available to order via an app. Using click and collect you will be able to order you food at your leisure and then collect when its ready. This has been designed to ensure social distancing at all times and also means you wont miss a single thing whilst queuing for food!

All balloon activity is weather permitting and will be conducted in accordance with CAA guidelines.