Balloon Rides

Join us for an unforgettable balloon adventure from the Great Balloon Race.

You will be floating effortlessly in the skies surrounded by other balloonists, flying over some of the most stunning countryside in England.
Our venues for the Great Balloon Race are unique and you cannot fly in a balloon from any of our locations. You certainly cannot fly alongside dozens of other hot air balloons at the same time.

As part of your balloon adventure you will get;

*Entrance to the passenger terminal is only for passengers taking a balloon ride

Balloon flights depart early morning and late afternoon/evening. You can pick which flight you wish to fly on in the online shop.

Balloon rides from the Great Balloon Race are priced at £325 per person.

Exclusive Couples Balloon Rides

Would you like to have a private balloon flight just for 2? A unique way to celebrate a special anniversary or an unforgettable way of asking an important question?
Book your couples balloon flight here from just £950

Exclusive Group Balloon Rides

We can cater for private groups upto 6 people. Still with entry to our passenger terminal and a great way of a family enjoying everything luxury ballooning has to offer.